Order wholesale stainless steel water bottles from REBO

Do you prefer to buy in bulk quantities instead? You may find it convenient to buy a bulk order of smart bottles that can be showcased at your company's event, sports shop, etc. The REBO bottle may also be the perfect gift to show you care about your employees, clients, and the environment. Whatever your project is, we make it easy to order wholesale stainless steel water bottles. Per your request, the REBO water bottle may be engraved with your logo or slogan so you can proudly show your commitment to sustainability and the protection of our environment.

Contact us for the best wholesale price by simply filling out the form below with basic information regarding your order. We´ll get back to you with a quote that is tailored to your business needs and includes details of the wholesale price according to the quantities and colors you require. There are special deals for corporate and bulk orders.

When requesting information in regards to your bulk order, make sure to specify the following:

  • Your basic contact information.
  • The colors you are interested in.
  • The quantities required for each color.
  • Any additional information or special requests you may have.

The REBO bottle takes functionality to the next level and steps out of the ordinary. Its innovative design and infrared technology work to help you stay properly hydrated and become more sustainable. An intelligent water bottle that turns drinking water into a fun habit and a win-win situation for you and our planet. Make a decision to inspire others to become healthier and take part in your mission to change the world for the better.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries in regards to wholesale stainless steel water bottles. We’ll be able to advise you and provide you with the best options for your project. Join the #REBOlution and take a step to make a top contribution to sustainability and the fight against plastics pollution.