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Re-inventing consumer goods for
better world

We hope our REBO smart water bottle is the first of many products our company will deliver to your door. It’s the first consumer good we RE-invented.

RE signifies our values of REducing, RE-using and RE-thinking how we conduct business. BO is for Bottle! REBO is the world’s first water bottle that cleans the planet as you drink.

As a Certified B-Corp pending, sustainable practices are integrated in our DNA. We seek long-term purpose-driven profits. We innovate products to solve our planet's most pressing needs.

To prove our unwavering values we are certified by the Gold Standard, Climate Neutral Certified, and committed to raising ocean awareness in young people.

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Built by passionate people

Armed with awareness and solution

We - Pier, Eduardo and Francesco-- founded REBO with a shared vision to
RE-invent consumer goods for a better world.

Corporately raised, we pioneered efforts to make the first recyclable ocean-bound plastic shampoo bottle.

Our work was recognized by the United Nations’ Momentum for Change award. With instilled confidence and a belief that we had what it takes to disrupt the plastic industry and make positive change - we couldn’t look back.

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Partnerships make REBO possible

The sustainability of our business relies heavily on the expertise of our partners-- those who are in the trenches every day fighting for the next generation.

Thanks to the positive work of organisations like Plastic Bank, Project Rescue Ocean and the Gold Standard, REBO was able to build a
sustainable business that: 

  • stops plastic waste from entering our oceans
  • creates jobs in communities most impacted by plastic pollution
  • drives awareness and education to end plastic waste
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