We share a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo

Our team

Our professional lives collided with our passion to do things better for the environment. Our business acumen and experience span through industry, function and the globe!

From product development, operations, and supply chain management, to marketing, communications and outreach - recruiting top talent is easy when the business purpose translates into people's passions.

Despite the diversity in our skill sets, everyone on our strong internal team lives by the same core values:

Integrity. Trust. Respect.

We have a strong culture of doing the right thing. It’s inherent to each one of us and can never be compromised.

Collaboration. Diversity. Inclusion.

Positively impacting ocean plastics is no easy feat-- we need everyone’s voices in order to succeed. 

Ownership. Leadership.

When you look around the room and can’t spot a leader-- it’s you! We’re in a new, purpose-driven space. We’re writing the playbook as we go.

Customer obsession.

We are obsessed with bringing you an outstanding smart bottle that makes your life better. We always want to hear from you. Your feedback, reviews, ideas on how to keep RE-designing better.

A diverse board of advisors

Our board

REBO has a diverse roster of high-caliber advisors ranging from pioneering industry experts to a 13-year old representing generation Z!

Our advisors include serial-entrepreneurs, a Chief Sustainability Officer from a major multinational company, circular-economy gurus, and a CEO.

The world desperately needs more businesses like REBO. Unafraid to disrupt the status quo by redesigning
future-proof products and purpose-driven
business models.

Tom Szaky CEO, Terracycle

Making our vision a reality

Our investors

We are grateful to our investors who see our potential to RE-design consumer goods for a better world and allowing us to scale our business and impact.

For information on joining the REBO team or becoming a REBO investor, please contact us at