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Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design: Designing better for people and planet

Designing better means starting with the end in mind

Too many products are made with a cradle-to-grave mindset. This happens when products are created, designed, put together with status-quo raw materials, and destined for a single purpose. And once that product has lived its purpose-- also known as its useful life-- it makes its way to a landfill where it sits. And rots. Forever.

What a waste, right?

REBO believes in a better way. To design products-- from the beginning-- with concern for what comes after a product’s useful life. We carefully, and with consideration, select the best raw materials and safest chemistry.

REBO Bottles are recyclable, made with recycled materials and avoid harmful chemicals

REBO smart waters bottles with smart cap hydration trackers are recyclable, made with recycled materials and avoid harmful chemicals

Guided by the principles of cradle-to-cradle, the design of REBO water bottles with smart cap hydration trackers avoid the use of harmful chemicals and use raw materials that can stay in the supply chain when you’re
finished using it!

REBO Bottles:

  • are 100% recyclable stainless steel

REBO Bottles:

  • are 100% recyclable plastic
  • can easily be disassembled to separate and recycle electronic parts
  • flexible straps are 100% recyclable silicone PLUS are made with 10% recycled materials
  • hydration tracker electronics are all free from hazardous chemicals- but don’t take our word- they are RoHS and REACH certified!
End of Life Solutions

We proved REBO’s durability -- and had fun-- conducting ‘drop-tests’ to understand all the different ways
we drop water bottles! Committed to never shipping an inferior product, REBO promised that no
bottle would ship until sufficiently passing the REBO ‘drop tests’.

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We choose suppliers aligned with
our values

We’re asking you to be more intentional about what you buy -- and who you buy from -- so it’s only natural that we hold ourselves to the same standards.

All REBO suppliers have policies and safeguards in place to protect environmental impacts and human rights. The manufacturing sites where REBO products are made hold 3rd party certifications ensuring they:

  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Protect worker health and safety
  • Continuously improve product quality
  • Actively reformulate chemicals identified as toxic, or hazardous, from products
Sustainable Sourcing