Sustainable water bottle

A sustainable water bottle with an end-of-life solution

Most products are made with a cradle to grave mindset. Their design and raw materials are intended to have a short life cycle and are disposed of after a single use. As it turns out, these products are tremendously unsuitable for our planet and end up as material waste that piles up in landfills rotting away. Forever.

What a waste, right?

Meet REBO, the smart solution to single-use plastic bottles. Our sustainable water bottles are the perfect example of how we can repurpose products to help us transition into a circular economy that keeps our resources in use for as long as possible. REBO has been developed with high-quality materials that can be recycled once it has reached their useful life. 

The REBO sustainable bottles are recyclable, made to last from recycled materials, and no harmful chemicals

We have designed REBO water bottle with a cradle-to-cradle mentality so that all its materials can be recycled and regenerated for multiple uses. A sustainable water bottle made from fully recyclable materials and free of harmful chemicals.

The REBO is made of:

  • 100% recyclable stainless steel, a long-term life material.

And REBO's Smart caps feature:

  • 100% recyclable plastic
  • Easy disassemble to separate and recycle electronic parts
  • Flexible built-in straps made of 100% recyclable silicone and 10% recycled materials
  • Hydration tracker free from hazardous chemicals - but don’t take our word - they are RoHS and REACH certified!
End-of-life solutions

We proved REBO’s durability -- and had fun-- conducting ‘drop-tests’ to understand all the different ways a water bottle can hit the ground! Committed to never shipping an inferior product, REBO promises that no bottle would ship until sufficiently passing the REBO ‘drop tests’.

Stainless Steel Smart Water Bottle

Suppliers committed to ethical and sustainable products

Sustainability is something we do together! We work with trusted and verified suppliers that share our commitment to ethical and sustainable products. Also, as a consumer, you can also take action by being mindful about what you buy and supporting products with recycled or recyclable materials as our sustainable water bottle.

We constantly monitor our suppliers to make sure they meet our quality standards and work to reduce environmental impacts and fulfill human rights. Our manufacturing sites comply with regulations and hold third-party certifications ensuring they:

  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Protect worker health and safety
  • Continuously improve product quality
  • Actively reformulate chemicals identified as toxic, or hazardous, from products
Sustainable sourcing