Water bottle reminders

The technology inside REBO

Staying healthy and hydrated with REBO smart technology

A water bottle reminder, which reminds you to drink according to a customized hydration plan. The REBO smart cap comes with a built-in measuring device that tracks your water intake and connects to the REBO app to help you reach your hydration goals. 

Inertial Measurement Unit and Time-of-Flight sensor

The smart REBO water bottle measures the water level when the bottle is at rest in its vertical position. The inertial measuring unit (IMU), also known as an accelerometer, is capable of detecting the position of the bottle in a 3D space. It knows if the bottle is tilted inside a bag or upside down, and It can also detect when the bottle cap is opened or closed. The IMUI activates the ToF sensor as soon as the cap is closed and the bottle sits in its vertical position. Then, it sends a laser signal to the surface of the liquid and measures the time it takes to travel back. The process takes only nanoseconds to complete and it can be done multiple times for accurate measurements. The data is processed and sent to the REBO app to determine your water intake and the number of plastic bottles you help save.

The REBO app, more than water bottle reminders

The REBO app is programmed to offer you more than just water bottle reminders; It uses the data sent by the ToF sensor to help you keep up with your customized hydration plan. At all times, the app shows you your daily consumption, the REBOS left to drink to reach your goal, nearby water sources, and more. But most importantly, It keeps track of the plastic bottles collected thanks to you.

Bluetooth Low Energy and temperature sensor

The water bottle reminders connect to the app via low-energy Bluetooth; it consumes less battery power so that you can keep using your bottle's smart features for longer without having to recharge it. Also, the bottle is equipped to determine the temperature of the liquid inside, and it will only keep track of cold liquids (under 70 °C / 158 °F). You can still use the bottle for coffee or tea, but it won't count as hydration or towards the accumulation of plastic credits.

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