The technology inside REBO

measures you
water intake

We have designed our product to concentrate all the technology into the REBO Smart Cap, which is what we call “the brain” and is made of more than 70 different components.

Inertial Measurement Unit

The key action performed by the smart cap is measuring the water level in the bottle and sending the information to the REBO App. In order to do so, we use a proprietary algorithm and two complementary systems present inside the Smart Cap: the IMU, also known as accelerometer, and the Time of Flight (Tof) sensor.

The IMU senses in 3D what is the current position of the cap lid. It can know, among others, whether the bottle is standing up, is moving in a bag or is upside down. It can also sense when the user opens and closes the lid.

Time-of-Flight sensor

When the IMU detects that the bottle is standing up and the lid is closed it activates the ToF, which will send a laser signal to the surface of the liquid inside the bottle. This signal will be reflected and going back to the ToF that will measure the nanoseconds necessary for performing the task. This information gets processed, converted, and allows us to calculate the liquid volume inside the bottle. This operation is repeated a few times in order to gain more accuracy, and 10 seconds after closing the cap, the average of all the measurements is sent by BLE (bluetooth low energy) to the REBO App, which stores the data in order to calculate your water intake, the water left in the bottle and, most importantly, the number of bottles collected thanks to you.

Bluetooth Low Energy

REBO has been designed to help you with hydration, as well as fight the use of plastic water bottles. For this reason, the bottle will employ its temperature sensor to only track the intake of cold drinks (under 70 °C / 158 °F). You can still use REBO to drink coffee and tea, but these liquids will not be tracked for your hydration, nor will generate a plastic credit.

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