How it works

Our promise: For every 600 ml or 16 oz you drink from a REBO Bottle, we fund the collection of one plastic bottle polluting the environment.

With a REBO smart bottle, you get much more than a reusable water bottle. You become part of a network committed to solving the ocean plastics crisis, one of the most pressing environmental challenges facing the next generation. You make an impact every time you drink from a REBO bottle.

The inner workings of REBO: from the moment you drink, to the moment we collect plastic waste











Drink from a REBO Smart Bottle

The REBO App tracks your liquid intake and calculates the number of plastic bottles you save

The plastic savings recorded in the App are certified by the Gold Standard and converted into credits

Corporate sponsors buy credits to fund plastic pollution clean-ups

Parley Global Cleanup Network uses the funds to coordinates clean-up efforts to make a difference and drive change for our oceans

A dump truck full of plastic waste enters the ocean every minute

The ocean has become a dumping ground for plastic pollution,
with 8 million metric tons of plastics entering the ocean yearly. Rethinking how we make and use plastic products is why we created REBO.

Ocean Plastics

Gold Standard certifies plastic savings

Through the REBO smart cap technology, the plastic savings one generates while drinking are certified by Gold Standard, a third party institution that verifies the impact and ensures the credit-worthiness of environmental projects like ours. Issuing green credits enables us to continuously fund ocean clean-up efforts.

Gold Standard credits

Partnering with Parley for the Oceans

The funds collected are used to support Parley Global Cleanup Network, an alliance of organisations that collaborate to remove plastic waste from beaches, remote islands, rivers, mangroves and high seas, and intercept ocean-bound plastics in coastal communities.

Our partners

Our sustainable design keeps REBO away from landfills

REBO's cutting edge sustainable design shows in every detail. Following the Cradle-to-Cradle philosophy, we make sure to deliver a durable bottle that is recyclable and compliant with strict chemical, environmental and quality certifications. Every supplier has been carefully selected, based on the alignment of their values with our own.

Sustainable design

Can smart water bottles be reused?

One of the main objectives pursued with reusable bottles is to avoid the use of plastics that pollute our environment. In short, this is the reason why most reusable bottles are sustainable. But, can we say that reusable bottles are smart in any way? Not necessarily, while reusing a bottle is the environmentally smart thing to do, reusable smart water bottles come with added functionalities that make them different from regular reusable bottles. REBO REthinks the reusable bottle to make it really smart. For every REBO bottle you drink, we fund the collection of one plastic bottle polluting our lands and oceans. So yes, our REBO smart bottle is meant to be reused, and the more you use it, the more you contribute to fighting plastic pollution.

We believe in reinventing everyday products and using technology for the better good What’s more, REBO is not just any reusable bottle, the added functionalities of the REBO smart bottle will help you stay properly hydrated too. It combines infrared technology with mobile connectivity to keep track of your water intake and create a customized hydration plan that takes care of you and helps protect the environment at the same time.

 How long does a smart water bottle last?

Most reusable bottles are made of a combination of hard plastics and stainless steel that is able to last for a long time. However, some reusable bottles are not made with sustainability principles in mind and do not consider what happens after their useful life. This is why the REBO bottle is made to last with high-quality materials and the safest chemicals that are safe for you and the environment. In addition, once the REBO bottle has run its useful life, it can be dismantled to reuse o recycle its components.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts in regards to the REBO reusable smart water bottle. Join thousands of REBOlutioners who have decided to take care of their health and make a smart contribution to fighting plastic pollution.