REBO: The Perfect Meaningful Gift

By choosing REBO you will be giving a meaningful gift, showing that you care about:

  • The wellbeing of your employees & clients (thanks to our hydration coach)
  • The environment (REBO collects 1 bottle of plastic waste for every bottle drunk)

REBO offers a ready-to-use sustainable project for your company

Stepping up sustainability programs is often a complex, costly, and lengthy process. But it doesn't have to be this way. REBO enables you to cut down plastic use in the office while facilitating plastic collection activities from the moment you start drinking from it. A simple, plug-and-play solution that empowers you to step up the sustainability of your company and of your team. Make a positive impact on the environment with every sip from REBO. It's something which will make your employees happier and also a claim you can communicate to your stakeholders.

REBO makes a meaningful corporate gift because it cares for your team's health while caring for the planet.
You are welcome to customize it with your logo. Available in bulk and on special deals for corporate customers.

REBO speaks to corporative concerns of the day

Companies tend to invest on sustainable projects that have great public impact, but they often forget to carry out everyday sustainable actions with their employees. We are determined to change this game with REBO, a durable bottle that cleans the planet.

With the pandemic, we all stepped into greater challenges of keeping teams united and performing sustainable actions together. Just think about it. We used to have corporate dinners, trainings, retreats and beach clean-ups! And today... well, mostly video-calls.

While the world might not feel the same, you still need to nurture your relationship with your employees. For the cost of less than a dinner, you can make a meaningful gift with REBO. Show your team that you care about their health and about the planet - and that you can make it a better place. No matter where they are, drinking from REBO and fighting plastic waste is something you all can do. Together.

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Sponsoring plastic credits allows companies to decrease plastic footprint

Carbon credits are increasingly popular among corporations and organizations willing to improve their sustainable impact.

Renewable energy is a great example. When it’s not feasible to invest in solely-owned solar or wind projects, organisations often buy carbon credits generated by renewable sources to offset their carbon emissions. Many companies, including REBO, buy credits of this nature to stay Carbon Neutral, that is, to offset the amount of carbon that our production generates.

REBO offers the same kind of opportunity, but for plastic.

REBO is the first project to ever receive the Gold Standard- SDG certification. Thanks to this, plastic savings associated with the use of REBO are certified and converted into PACC, Plastic Avoidance Collection Credits. It is because of these credits that we are able to offset plastic pollution. 

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