Custom stainless steel water bottle with your own design

Make the REBO Bottle your own and proudly display the core values of your organization by customizing the REBO bottle according to your own logo. Don’t settle for an ordinary stainless steel branded water bottle; instead, choose a high-quality product that is made sustainable and helps fight plastics pollution. The customized REBO water bottle makes for a great promotional and eye-catching product that gives unique exposure to your brand.

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Whether you are planning to host a corporate event or simply distribute bottles as gifts, the REBO bottle is a unique venue in which to show your brand and make a long-lasting impression among your clients and contributors. Branded stainless steel water bottles appeal to a great audience including hikers, campers, athletes, and basically anyone who cares about making a positive impact on the planet knows the importance of hydration.

The REBO bottle takes the concept of reusable and sustainable water bottles to a whole new level by offering a solution to fight plastic pollution. Nowadays, the plastic industry is a deep environmental concern that generates greenhouse emissions and tons of plastic waste that pollute our lands and oceans. REBO is the ultimate stainless steel smart water bottle that helps protect the environment and takes care of your health at the same time. A REBO branded bottle goes beyond an ordinary marketing campaign, it sends a positive message and empowers others to become more sustainable.

Order Metal Water Bottles Printed With Your Logo

Per your requirement, the REBO bottles can be laser engraved with any custom logo of your choice. The REBO bottle is the right bottle to display your logo and the ultimate choice for environmentally conscious businesses. Please contact us if you have any doubts in regards to stainless steel branded water bottles. We’ll be happy to assist you and provide you with the best options for your branded REBO bottles. Make a decision to inspire others and make your brand part of a greater cause that seeks to protect our planet, a matter that should be a concern to us all. 

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Sponsoring plastic credits allows companies to decrease plastic footprint

Carbon credits are increasingly popular among corporations and organizations willing to improve their sustainable impact.

Renewable energy is a great example. When it’s not feasible to invest in solely-owned solar or wind projects, organisations often buy carbon credits generated by renewable sources to offset their carbon emissions. Many companies, including REBO, buy credits of this nature to stay Carbon Neutral, that is, to offset the amount of carbon that our production generates.

REBO offers the same kind of opportunity, but for plastic.

REBO is the first project to ever receive the Gold Standard- SDG certification. Thanks to this, plastic savings associated with the use of REBO are certified and converted into PACC, Plastic Avoidance Collection Credits. It is because of these credits that we are able to offset plastic pollution.