REBO Smart Bottle

Welcome to the REBO

blue week

We decrease our price to enable you to have a positive impact on the oceans today and forever

From Monday 22nd to Tuesday 30th of November

REBO is born with the mission to reinvent everyday products for a better world

Our biggest challenge is to get REBO in the hands of everyone who wants to make a positive impact on our planet. Day by day. Forever.

This is our way of doing our part so that more people can join the #REBOlution

Making an extra impact today and contributing every day to collecting more plastic from the oceans simply by drinking water.


We know that sometimes is difficult to access to sustainable solutions, this is why:

How does the Blue Week work?

Every action will be rewarded with 100 plastic bottles collected from the oceans on your behalf.

1. Buy your REBO

Making an extra impact today and contributing every day to collecting more plastic from the oceans simply by drinking water.

2. Share on Instagram

Share your REBO on Instagram Stories tagging us @rebo_cleanstheplanet and putting the hashtag #REBOBlueWeek.

3. Leave a review

Your opinion will have a direct impact on the planet. Just tell us about your experience with REBO on our website

Your impact is incremental


REBO is committed with the oceans well-being

With a REBO smart bottle, you get much more than a reusable water bottle. You become part of a network committed to solving the ocean plastics crisis, one of the most pressing environmental challenges facing the next generation. You make an impact every time you drink from a REBO bottle.

 Saving plastic bottles

Every time you use your REBO you are contributing by not buying single-use solutions.

 Collecting plastic bottles

For every 600ml or 16oz you drink from a REBO Bottle, you are funding the collection of one plastic bottle polluting the environment.

Fighting ocean plastic together with Parley for the Ocean

Parley, our award-winning partner, is a global network that raises awareness for the beauty and fragility of the oceans and collaborates on projects that can end their destruction. In addition to cleanups, plastic waste interception and recycling programs, Parley engages in initiatives to educate and empower communities to participate in creating change.

What REBO can do for you

REBO is the result of years of work, in which we conducted +14.000 consumers surveys to create the best bottle possible. 

It has been designed for those who care about having a healthy life and a positive impact on the world.

REBO iOS and Android app included

The app is free and available on iOS and Android. It will be your hydration coach, keep track of the plastic bottles you save and much more.

Customized hydration

The REBO app syncs with Apple Health or Google Fit to create a customized hydration plan, and dynamically adjust your recommended hydration.

LED ring and in-app reminders

Never miss your hydration goals again. The smart cap features an LED ring which glows to remind you to drink. Also the app will send you hydration reminders.

Water tracker sensor

Every time you use the REBO smart cap, a wave is sent to measure the level of water inside the bottle, and this is then transmitted to the REBO app.

High quality BPA-free bottle

Vacuum dual-layer insulated bottle made of 304 stainless steel. It keeps drinks cold 24h and hot for 12h. It is lightweight, scratch resistant, sweat proof, and BPA free. It is also dishwasher safe

Long lasting impact. Forever

With REBO you are not only avoiding the use of single-plastic products. You are actively supporting the fund of plastic collection from the oceans. You drink up, we pick up!