Free Shipping +99€
You drink up, we pick up
Climate Neutral
Achieve your hydration goal
Good for you and the planet
Free Shipping +99€
You drink up, we pick up
Climate Neutral
Achieve your hydration goal
Good for you and the planet


Drink more water and clean the oceans, effortlessly

The REBO Bottles sync with the REBO app to help you get the perfect hydration and fight the plastic pollution. 1 REBO drunk = 1 plastic bottle collected from the ocean.

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Trusted by +2.400 backers from +140 countries

Drink more water and clean the oceans, forever

REBO bottle syncs with the REBO App to create a personalized hydration plan based on your needs. Moreover, for every REBO you drunk, we collect 1 plastic bottle from our oceans.

Meet our cataloge


Innovative, patented & smart

Our connected solution to help you achieve your daily hydration goal and make a positive impact in the planet.

Featuring our Smart Cap, REBO SMART will track your water intake and positive impact to make sure you and our planet stay healthy. The bottle will do everything for you.


NFC powered, durable & accessible

Our newest addition to the REBO family. All the features of a high-end reusable bottle, powered by the built-in NFC technology to work in combination with the REBO APP. 

Thanks to the Tap & GO system you can track your hydration and fight plastic pollution.

Limited edition
Adidas x REBO

REBO partners with adidas to go the extra mile in the fight against marine plastic pollution with the launch of limited-edition smart water bottle Adidas x REBO.

How it works

Sync the bottle with your smartphone through the REBO App

REBO will set your hydration based on your body and activity

The REBO App will monitor your water intake and send you reminders

For every REBO drunk, we pick up a plastic bottle from the ocean

Boost your health

We usually don’t take into account the many benefits of a proper hydration in our health, daily performance and organism functions. Think of REBO as the hydration coach will help you be healthier and feel better, starting today.

Improves your athletic performance

Reduces fatigue and headaches

Boosts skin health and beauty

Encourages you to eat less snacks

Do you care about making a positive impact in the planet?

REBO is the first bottle that enables you to make an incremental positive impact on the planet. . For every 600 ml you drink from a REBO bottle, we fund the collection of 1 plastic bottle from oceans thanks to our partner Parley for the Oceans.

Happy REBOlutioners

Join thousands of people who are getting healthier and contributing to the oceans well-being.

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