Optimize your hydration with the REBO App

The hydration tracker built in the REBO smart cap communicates with the REBO App to learn your hydration needs. If your hydration starts to fall below recommended levels, REBO will tell you.

Accessible on iOS and Android, the REBO App can be easily found in your device. Syncing your REBO App with popular health and fitness apps allows for mapping changes in your activity levels in real time.

REBO builds a custom hydration plan to help you maximize your performance

Accessing your hydration plan is simple. Follow the prompts on the REBO App to connect your REBO Bottle to it, then answer a few questions to determine your ideal water intake. You should be all set! 

REBO does all the work - all you have to do is drink!

With REBO, you wake up each day to your hydration goal. As you drink from your REBO Bottle, the sustainable smart cap tracks how much you consume throughout the day.

You don't need to have your REBO Bottle and App synced all the time. The smart cap saves your intake info until you re-sync. Ideal for long flights, traveling and the times you just want to unplug.

Easy to navigate, the REBO App shows you how much water you have left to drink just seconds after you drink from your REBO Bottle.

Our technology

Drinking from REBO is also the way to track the amount of plastic you save and help us collect - all thanks to the smart cap technology.

The more you drink up, the more we pick up!

The REBO App keeps track of the sum of the plastic bottles you did not consume, the plastic bottles collected thanks to you, and the overall plastic bottles collected by the community of #reboosters, the REBO users who are helping to clean the planet by drinking from our smart bottle.

Swipe to the left to check your hydration level, your water reserve, your plastic savings and the water fountains close to you.

To learn more about supporting ocean clean ups with REBO, click below to see

How it works

REBO alerts prevent you from becoming dehydrated

As a way to care for your health, the LED ring on the REBO smart cap blinks whenever the tracker notices your water intake is insufficient or infrequent for your hydration needs. 

What if your REBO Bottle is away from you? 

Not to worry. The REBO App will send you friendly reminders. You can always adjust how many you wish to receive.

Hydration Algorithm