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Our story

REBO is the first company in our RECO family. RE-Company. Our purpose is to RE-design consumer goods for a better world. We are a sustainable business that rewards you to adopt sustainable behavior, just like every time you drink out of a REBO Bottle.

We seek purpose-driven profits by guaranteeing transparency and credibility
at every step

We value purpose over profits. But that’s not to say that profits aren’t a fundamental aspect of REBO, because they are! We chose to be profitable by acting with purpose because we believe profitability and impact go hand-in-hand. In other words, what’s good for the planet, is good for business!

We intentionally look at the long-term needs of our planet. Our communities. And that’s where we innovate and deliver.

The success of REBO is measured by
our ability to:

  • make you healthier through hydration
  • reduce plastic waste
  • enrich lives and strengthen local economies
  • increase awareness of ocean plastic pollution

REBO is registered as a B-Corp, certified by the Gold Standard and is
Climate Neutral Committed. 

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Our values are in our name

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland

REBO is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. A great base for any company with communities and stakeholders on every continent… and in every ocean.

The Swiss capital is a hub for international organizations, a real strength in global connectivity. We share the city with the United Nations, where REBO has been offered the opportunity to present.