Our Partners

They say it takes a village… and they’re right!

No one person or company can change the world alone! Our sustainable business is made possible thanks to the dedicated work of our partners. By fueling collective power and leveraging preexisting work, we can scale solutions.

Stopping ocean plastics and reducing poverty with Plastic Bank

Most ocean plastics come from nations with little to no recycling infrastructure. A social enterprise, Plastic Bank recruits and empowers collectors to build it.

Collectors watched plastic blow off barges and wash ashore for years. They witness  plastic waste wreaking havoc on nature. They see it chase away tourism and other important industries. They know it limits options to provide for their families. Now, thanks to Plastic Bank, plastic waste is a life-changing source of income 3-5x the average in local communities.

Plastic Bank has an established footprint for collecting plastic bottles and
a reliable system to reward collectors. It empowers recycling ecosystems around the world, driving responsible economic development in underprivileged communities and reducing the flow of plastic into our oceans.

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Gold Standard certifies REBO's carbon credits so we can fund ocean clean-ups

A world-renowned organization, Gold Standard certifies carbon credits and impact projects. It is the reference certification body ensuring that carbon offsetting is done in the right way, getting the funding to go as far as it can. Its process is also used to certify REBO’s impact and verify our outcomes.

Practically speaking, Gold Standard reconciles data collected by our hydration trackers with the number of PACC (Plastic Avoidance and Collection Credits), so REBO can issue and sell on them on the free market. This is at the heart of how REBO works. Our partnership with Gold Standard is what allows us to:

  • Continually finance the collection of plastic waste, and
  • Measure our impact on ocean plastics 
Learn more about Gold Standard

Project Rescue Ocean: Driving awareness and education to end plastic waste

Started as a social network, now with 5 years and 30,000 followers, Project Rescue Ocean is an environmental association aimed at raising awareness of our coastal environments: seas, rivers and oceans.

Project Rescue Ocean is invaluable to REBO because they engage the general public-- especially young people-- to become part of the ocean-plastic solution. REBO needs these passionate agents to drive change

Project Rescue Ocean:

  • Raises awareness in education centers ranging from primary schools to universities (2,000+ students graduated as “ocean rescuers”)
  • Organizes volunteer ocean clean-up efforts, having collected 55 tons of global in 2019 alone
  • Conducts deeper dives into unusual ocean waste to understand causes, ecological impact and solutions

A portion of REBO proceeds is directed to fund Project Rescue Ocean.

Join a Project Rescue Ocean movement near you