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You drink up, we pick up
Climate Neutral
Achieve your hydration goal
Good for you and the planet

FAQs > The bottle

What does the LED ring tell me?

REBO Bottle LED light ring meaning chart:

WHITE RING flashes
WHITE RING means the bottle is working properly, it will flash once every time the user closes the cap. It will flash again after 10 seconds (if the bottle stays upright) to tell you the measurement has been successfully taken, and it will flash again right after, if the bottle is connected to the app and the data is correctly transferred.

BLUE RING flashes
At the beginning of your experience with REBO you will connect your bottle to your phone in a process we call bonding. When the app is looking for a bottle will make your REBO to flash in blue, then you can bond your bottle with your phone.

A BLUE RING flash will also remind you to drink if the bottle notifications are set up on the app.

The battery is fully charged and the charger is connected to the device. The LED ring stays lit for a minute.

ORANGE RING stays on
The battery is charging. The Orange ring will stay ON while charging in daytime. If the bottle is being charged overnight, the intensity of the orange light will be dimmed down.

The battery is low and the bottle needs to be charged.

RED RING flashes
The battery is very low and needs to be charged immediately.

The bottle has been successfully disconnected from your phone. You will only see this signal if you click on “add another bottle” on the app settings or you unbind the bottle manually.

What if I forget my phone/device to sync with the smart cap and I keep on using the bottle?

Your REBO will keep working normally even if it is not connected to any phone. Once the connection is back, the bottle will upload all the accumulated data to the app.

The memory in the cap is able to store drinking logs for up to 3 days.

Can I use multiple bottles and sync them?

Unfortunately this is not possible in the current version of the app, but we may add this feature in the future.

You can use a REBO SMART and a REBO GO with the same app though.

Can I drink sparkling water from my bottle?

In the case of REBO SMART, to ensure the correct functioning and its leak-proof closure, we do not recommend using it with sparkling water. If you still decide to do it, we cannot guarantee the correct functioning of the closure as sparkling water will create a lot of pressure in the bottle which may lead to leakage.

Also be aware that the bottle will make a lot of noise “champagne effect” when opening it when there is sparkling water inside.

REBO GO works perfectly with sparkling water.

Do I need to wash my bottle after using it for liquids other than water?

Yes. We recommend washing it well to avoid influencing the flavor. Note that the bottle is dishwasher safe, so you can easily wash it. The cap on the other hand can be washed under running water but not in the dishwasher.

Can I put the REBO smart cap in the dishwasher?

No! Due to its embedded technology, the smart cap is NOT dishwasher safe. It is water-resistant and can be washed with a damp cloth, exposure to running water should be limited as much as possible.

What if I forget my bottle and cannot track my hydration?

No worries! You can manually input what you drink outside of the bottle to keep up with your hydration statistics.

What if I want to share the use of my bottle with somebody else?

REBO is thought of as a personal item, therefore each bottle is synced with one account only.

If the bottle is used by more than one person, the intake is attributed to the person synced with the bottle.

Can I drink other liquids from my bottle? Like coffee & Tea?

REBO is thought of as a tool for hydration and we recommend using it with water for its full functionality.

You can drink coffee and tea from the bottle, but it will not track these liquids towards hydration as due to the caffeine presence these do not count to meet your hydration goal.

This is done by switching off the laser sensor when high temperatures are detected. We do this also to prevent the technology from getting damaged by liquids with high temperature.

Do all liquids count towards the generation of green, Plastic Avoidance and Collection Credits (PACC)?

We have an algorithm which helps us determine what should be counted for the creation of a PACC. Hot liquids for example do not count as drinking them with REBO does not necessarily lead to the prevention of the creation of a plastic bottle.

Can I put my REBO bottle in the dishwasher?

Yes, the stainless steel bottle is dishwasher safe, but only the bottle! The smart cap cannot be placed in the dishwasher in light of the electronic components which would be damaged. The cap is water resistant which means that it can be washed with a damp cloth, exposure to running water should be limited as much as possible.

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