REBO partners with Radio 105 against plastic waste

The perfect partnership to celebrate Plastic Free July

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What is Plastic Free July?

It is a global movement launched by the Plastic Free Foundation, dedicated to raising awareness on the dangers posed by plastic waste, and challenging the general public to reduce their use of single-use plastics.

Why is Plastic Free July important?

Humans produce about 300 million tons of plastic every year and an alarming half of it is for single-use items. That’s almost the weight of the entire human population.

Even if people have been making an effort to recycle their plastic, of the 7 billion tons of plastic waste generated globally, only 9% has been recycled so far.

Because plastic is not easily recycled, a major amount of single-use plastics are either:
- Buried in the earth where they degrade into tiny particles and pollute the land where we grow our food
- Or, they find their way into the oceans thereby polluting our waters and threatening the lives of seafood.

How does REBO celebrate Plastic Free July?

REBO, is the smart water bottle created with the goal of fighting plastic waste. For every 600 ml of water drunk with REBO, one plastic bottle is collected from the ocean. Forever.​​

To show once again our commitment against plastic-waste we supported the 105 Save the Sea initiative organised by Radio 105 . These are four events held in beautiful beaches along the Italian coast to increase awareness against plastic waste by organising clean-ups, games and music concerts. 

How did the first event go? 

Source: Radio105

What a success! Hundreds of people joined the first date of 105 Save the Sea in Lido di Camaiore.

The event started with the ecological walk organised by Plastic Free resulting in the collection of 11 bags full of waste that was polluting the the beach.

Source: Radio105

The initiative continued with games and activities to raise awareness about the importance of ​​reducing our plastic consumption and taking care of our environment, as the table tennis tournament using organised using only recycled materials.

Source: Radio 105

The fun was guaranteed by the Radio 105 speakers, Ylenia and Pizza, stars of the program "Tutto esaurito," and Valeria Oliveri.

The event ended with the free concert with the special guests Sottotono and Berna

What is the symbol of this partnership?

To celebrate our partnership with 105 Save the Sea, we have launched a Yellow Limited Edition Radio 105 x REBO