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How to stay hydrated during pregnancy?

Published on
January 1, 2023
How to stay hydrated during pregnancy?
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Certain medical conditions may accentuate our bodies’ requirement for water, and in the case of pregnancy and breastfeeding, hydration is quite essential. If you want to know how to stay hydrated during pregnancy and breastfeeding we may have a solution for you. The REBO water bottle is a stainless steel reusable bottle that can facilitate your hydration with smart features and a custom hydration plan according to your needs. If you find this topic interesting, continue reading as we discuss some important facts about hydration during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


How Much Water Should I Drink While Pregnant?

There are lots of expert opinions on this subject, but on average a non-pregnant woman who drinks about 8 glasses a day will require an additional 3-4 glasses of water during pregnancy. Proper hydration helps in the formation of amniotic fluid, transportation of nutrients, better digestion, and elimination of waste among other important functions.


If you find it hard to keep up with your hydration goals, you may find the REBO smart bottle very useful. The bottle connects to the REBO mobile app to create a hydration plan according to your personal health data and keep track of your daily intake. In the case of pregnant women, you may also add additional water to your plan, about 3-4 glasses of water, to make sure you are meeting the recommended daily quota.


How Much Water Should I Drink While Breastfeeding

While breastfeeding, it is common to feel thirst more often; this is due to the oxytocin released which triggers our thirst and makes sure the mother drinks enough water to produce breast milk. To stay properly hydrated while breastfeeding, a nursing mother needs to account for her baby’s hydration needs, so roughly 3-4 extra glasses per day. This means that if a woman’s daily requirement is 8 glasses, she will need at least 11-12 glasses while breastfeeding. This will ensure that breast milk production is not affected and that both mother and baby remain well hydrated.


Symptoms of Dehydration In Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

The feeling of thirst is our body's way of telling us we are dehydrated. Also, dehydration may lead to other symptoms such as:

  • chapped lips
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • muscle cramps
  • constipation

The goal is to avoid the feeling of thirst and develop the healthy habit of drinking water regularly. Staying hydrated during pregnancy and breastfeeding can be easier with the REBO steel smart water bottle, by keeping track of your intake and sending you reminders to drink up regularly.


Dangers of Dehydration While Pregnant

Inadequate hydration may result in:

  • low amniotic fluid
  • preterm labor
  • urinary tract infections
  • kidney stones among other unwanted complications

Avoid these severe symptoms during pregnancy by drinking plenty of water; staying hydrated during pregnancy is vital to ensure the healthy development of your baby.


What to Drink While Pregnant?

If you are having a hard time drinking enough water while pregnant. Try adding a slice of lime or fresh fruit to your water to make it more tasteful. Milk and fresh juices are good choices too since they contain a lot of water.