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Dry January: 5 reasons for doing it

Dry January: Is a month without alcohol worth it? Find out the potential benefits and drawbacks of giving up alcohol for a month.

Published on
December 20, 2021
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What is “Dry January”?

Dry January is the practice of not drinking any alcoholic drink for the entire month of January. Many of us do it as a detox practice from excessive drinking over the holidays, and it has become almost an annual tradition for many people around the globe. Dry January has increasingly gained popularity since 2013 when it was first announced as part of a public health campaign to quit alcohol for the entire month. Nearly ten years later, people continue to practice It and many studies show it is beneficial in many ways.

Dry January Benefits

1. Change your relationship with alcohol 

We all like to drink a glass of wine from time to time to relax after a stressful day. We do this because it often provides a sense of ease and comfort. Over time though, if consuming alcohol becomes a main coping strategy, it may hide underlying anxiety or personal issues. Being forced for one month to find other tools to relieve yourself such as exercise or spending time in nature, brings you to question the actual need for alcohol in your life.

2. Improve your health  

Alcohol has been shown to be particularly damaging for the liver. Indeed, about half of all liver disease deaths are caused by alcohol abuse. Moreover, some preliminary studies have shown that one month without drinking improves various health markers like blood pressure, liver function tests, insulin resistance, and molecules that play a role in cancer growth. 

3. Sleep better and feel more energized.

Drinking moderate or high amounts of alcohol decreases REM sleep, the most important part of the sleep cycle because of its “restorative” function. Consequently, Dry January may help to experience better sleep and feel better in the morning. Thus, it can help you feel more energetic and motivated to engage in healthy habits, such as a daily workout.

4. Stronger immune system

Drinking too much can weaken your immune system. Even one night of heavy drinking can impede your ability to fight off infections up to 24 hours later. Being your immune system so crucial in fighting COVID-19, staying away from alcohol for one month will lower the chance of experiencing strong consequences of the infection. 

5. Possible weight loss 

Even if you have a drink on weekends when you make plans with friends or family, Dry January could be a decrease in your overall caloric intake, since a standard drink typically has around 150 calories. Moreover, unlike cutting out a certain food group, excluding alcohol from your diet for a month, will not compromise on any of the fuel and nutrients your body needs to feel satiated and nourished. 

6. Money savings

An entire month of quitting alcohol turns into money savings too. Make a few calculations of your previous months’ expenditures and you will likely be surprised how much goes into purchasing alcoholic drinks. Your monthly budget can certainly benefit and the money saved can be used to cover other priorities.

7. Work on self-determination. 

If you find it hard to follow through with your goals, new year's resolutions, and others alike, Dry January can set you off for a great year by teaching you the importance of commitment and self-determination. The little actions add up to accomplishing bigger and better goals. 

How to do Dry January

Now that you know what dry January is, the benefits of dry January, is time to know how to do Dry January. Everyone has a slightly different way to get started and measure its overall benefits by the end of the month; However, we can still give you some pointers to help you get started on the right foot and commit to your goal. 1. Make yourself accountable. Tell your friend and family about your decision to commit to a whole month without alcohol. In this way, you will make an extra effort to show them that you live up to your words. 2. Find a substitute for alcohol. Nowadays, you can find non-alcoholic versions of your favorite alcoholic beverages. Grab a six-pack of a non-alcoholic drink of your choice or prepare a virgin version of your favorite cocktail. 3.Get out of your routine. Maybe you are used to grabbing a beer as soon as you get off work or the usual glass of wine in the evening to help you wind down after a long day. try getting out of your routine by Identifying the habits that include drinking and replacing them with healthy activities such as exercising or going out for a run. 4. Get someone to join you. If you get a partner to join your goals and vision, you can both motivate each other to accomplish your goal of banning alcohol for a month. You will get to share your progress and overall experience which makes the process a bit more rewarding and fun. Whatever it is you decide to do, stay committed and build consistent habits to help you push through the finish line. If for some reason you end up cheating one day, start fresh the next day, and don’t give up! 


How REBO can help you accomplish Dry January

Alcohol is known to be a diuretic drink which means it removes fluids from your body and can lead to dehydration. A REBO water bottle by your side during Dry January means you will optimize your body hydration and avoid the feeling of thirst that is caused by dehydration. It also means you will get extra motivation from engaging in a daily habit that works towards your well-being instead of doing the opposite with alcohol. If that isn’t enough REBO, the steel smart water bottle helps you to make a positive impact by funding the removal of one plastic bottle from the environment every time you drink a whole 600ml REBO, so another reason to feel great about committing to hydration and no alcohol. In short, the revolutionary bottles REBO and REBO GO use built-in technology and the REBO app to do the following: 

  • tracks your water intake
  • reminds you to drink with in-app notifications and blinking LED
  • creates a customized hydration plan according to physical characteristics and updates it dynamically thanks to its integration with Apple Health and Google Fit

This personal hydration coach will make sure that you keep your hydration at the perfect level. As a direct consequence you will never feel thirsty again, which will decrease your need to pour yourself an alcoholic drink.

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