Does drinking water help your skin? 

Discover how drinking water can help you have perfect skin

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When it comes to hydration, there are many, many benefits. One that you may find very appealing is that drinking water can help your skin look better. Yes, hydration is not only important for keeping thirst away. It can also make us look more beautiful!

But you may wonder - how can water improve my skin? What are the benefits? Wonder no more; in REBO we have done the work and the research. Allow us to show you each and every skin benefit of drinking enough water throughout the day.

Why is drinking water important for your skin?

A study conducted by the University of Hamburg called “Effect of fluid intake on skin physiology: distinct differences between drinking mineral water and tap water” proved that the skin changes when a person starts drinking 2 litres per day of water, increasing its thickness.

When you drink water you are hydrating your skin from the inside, making it look more soft and glowy. That is why proper hydration is important if you want to keep your face and body radiant. 

This is how water affects your skin

The skin is formed by three layers:
- The exterior layer (epidermis). This is the part of the skin that is visible.
- The layer inside the epidermis (dermis).
- The subcutaneous layer.

These three layers act like a wall that protects our bodies. When the epidermis doesn’t have enough water, it can lose elasticity and glowiness. These results, however, can be reverted when drinking.

Picture this: have you ever gone to a party where you have drunk too much alcohol, but zero water? How did your skin feel the next day? Normally, when we have a hangover, our skin feels a little too dry, or even ashy and dull. That is a symptom of dehydration and a consequence of how not drinking water -and having other substances instead- can affect your skin. 

There are rumours about how drinking 8 glasses of water may help you prevent wrinkles. This is not true. Studies like "Water, hydration, and health” show the toll that extreme cases can have on the skin, such as making it look bad and aged. However, they state that hydration “is not sufficient to prevent wrinkles or other signs of ageing, which are related to genetics and to the sun and environmental damage”. To sum up, drinking water can affect your skin on a daily basis - how it looks, how it feels. But not how it ages.

4 real benefits of drinking water for your skin

1. It hydrates your skin

The first real benefit that you will encounter has already been told: it hydrates your skin. As we had said earlier, if the epidermis is not hydrated it could lose elasticity. This causes the skin to look dull and dry. However, you can avoid this with the correct hydration. By drinking water and applying a good skin care routine you will make your face glow from the outside and from the inside. 

2. It helps you eliminate toxins

Water purifies toxins and cells, hydrating your skin as you drink. Our body is very wise, and it always gets rid of substances that could harm our system. To do so, it implies our colon, liver and kidneys. When it comes to making these organs work, water has a major role. When you drink a proper amount of water you are helping your body get rid of toxins, and this can improve your skin, since the outside is a mirror of the inside. 

3. It helps you get rid of acne

When it comes to acne, water is one of your best allies. On one hand, it keeps you hydrated and get rid of toxins, water can take away all the grease and the bacteria that clog your pores. On the other hand, hydration maintains the levels of collagen that help your skin elasticity. This means that it can help you recover from an acne pimple more quickly.

But the most important factor of drinking water is that it can help you maintain a low sugar level in your blood. You may know that eating too much sugar can make your skin break out. However, with proper hydration, this could be avoided -given that the sugar income is not too high.

In spite of this, please note that just by drinking water you won’t get rid of severe acne. If you are really struggling with this, we suggest going to a dermatologist. Nonetheless, water is great for preventing a possible breakout and maintaining your skin clean and pimple free.

4. It helps you prevent fatigue

Fatigue is one of the main causes of dull and ashy skin. Sometimes, fatigue is caused by a lack of sleep (less than 8 hours) and, sometimes, fatigue is caused by dehydration. When you drink as much water as needed, you can prevent feeling fatigued (as well as feeling dizzy or having headaches). In consequence, your skin will look good, glowy and beautiful. 

How much water should you drink to have perfect skin?

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that the amount of water recommended is two litres per day. However, the amount of water recommended can change from one person to another. For example, if you are a very active type of person and you do two hours of exercise every day, you will need more than two litres. This has been stated by many organizations that are cited in the 2004 WHO study: “Water Requirements, Impinging Factors, and Recommended Intakes”. Some of these institutions say that the amount of water recommended for a person changes depending on their age, gender, weight and environment. 

Would you like to know how much water should you really drink?

In REBO we have developed an app that designs a customized hydration plan according to the personal characteristics of the user. Also, when connected to your Apple Health or Google Fit, the app can tell you if you need to drink more water after doing exercise.

Remember that drinking water will not only help your skin look better, it will also benefit your body and health, so tracking down your hydration is very important! If you use a stainless steel smart water bottle, it could help you to remind.


Drinking water helps your skin being healthier, glowier and more beautiful. When you drink a proper amount of water on a daily basis you can prevent fatigue, get rid of acne and purify your skin. Combining a good hydration with other routines, such as skin care products, 8 hours of sleep and a healthy alimentation, would increase the looks of your face and body.