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Does drinking water help you lose weight?

Combined with a good diet, exercise and sleep, drinking water is one of the keys to staying fit.But why is that? How does water help our bodies lose fat? If you are interested in the matter, continue reading to find out. 

Published on
May 11, 2022
Does drinking water help you lose weight?
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You may have heard about the fact that drinking water can help you lose weight. Movie stars and celebrities use this phrase over and over again to explain why their bodies look so spectacular. But, is it true? Well, the answer is yes, drinking water may help you lose weight. Studies have shown that drinking water helps fat oxidation, along with giving you a more fulfilling sensation while eating. Combined with a good diet, exercise and sleep, drinking water is one of the keys to staying fit.But why is that? How does water help our bodies lose fat? If you are interested in the matter, continue reading to find out. 

Why does drinking water help you lose weight?

You probably may have thought about this question, and if so, maybe you have read information related to the issue. ¿But do you know how drinking water really helps you lose weight? The answer is that the influence of water in weight loss is going to vary from one person to another, it depends on the physical features, the level of activity and physical exercise or the weather temperature. The medical experts have found positive results of this influence and usually make recommendations regarding the amount of drinking water everyday, fixing it as a daily routine to maintain a healthy weight.

How does drinking water affect my weight?

Drinking your recommended amount of water per day can help you lose weight. It protects you against fat gain, it improves insulin signaling and it boots other metabolic functions. It can also suppress your appetite, which will certainly help to decrease how much a person eats. Keep in mind that water is not an instant method to weight loss. As the Men’s Health Magazine says: “Think of water more as a maintenance tool, not a magic bullet”.

Drinking water boosts your metabolism

We have a lot of scientific evidence that supports this affirmation. For example, a set of studies performed by Dr. Michael Boschmann in Berlin led to the conclusion that drinking water can increase heat production by burning more calories: “the researchers showed that in normal-weight adults, drinking 500 ml of water (a little over 16 ounces) resulted in a 30 percent increase in metabolic rate for 60 minutes”. Other studies have demonstrated specific changes in the quantity of caloriesburned after drinking water, and after drinking cold water. These studies show good results testing a group of children with obesity and overweight after drinking cold water. Experts found their energy expenditure increased by 25% after drinking cold water. Same studies showed positive results in a group of women tested after 12 months of increasing their amount of drinking water, having an extra 2 kg of weight loss. That proves a positive correlation between the amount of drinking water and weight loss, and leads to interesting conclusions on the subject of how drinking ice-cold water helps you lose weight.

Drinking water protects you against fat gain

Some other studies, such as the one by Jodi J. D. Stookey show that water increases fat oxidation. This happens because water dilutes blood density, lowering sugar levels in our bodies. That way, it can reduce calorie intake.In addition to this, it has been proven that drinking water leads to a decrease of appetite. People eat less food in order to compensate for their water consumption. This is an unconscious choice; they feel fullest and, in consequence, they don’t need to consume more nutrients. That way drinking a lot of water does help you lose weight. On the one hand you feel satisfied when drinking water and on the other hand it helps in burning fat. In general drinking water is related to reducing the risk of weight gain in the long term, especially regarding children. Besides, drinking enough water a day is highly recommended to control appetite and as a key for improving healthy habits. One way to follow this recommendation is using reusable water bottles such as the rebo water bottle and remarkably through the steel smart water bottle.

Myths and misinformation regarding water and weight loss

Now, there have been some rumours about the correlation of drinking water and losing weight. For example, some say that drinking more water than usual (more than 3,5-4 liters per day) helps you be slimmer. These rumours are not scientific-based: drinking more than the recommended amount of water is not a propulsor of weight loss. Yes, drinking water really helps, but drinking too much water is useless and it could even be dangerous, causing water poisoning.  Another myth regarding water is that it can lead to water retaining. Water retaining is not caused by drinking too much water. Normally, it is a consequence of eating too much salty foods, having a sedentary routine or sitting for too long. You can avoid it by simply changing these habits. Besides, drinking water can help you clean toxins in your body, leading to a loss in water retention - ironically. Finally, as we have already said, we can’t think that water is a magic pill that would make us slim in just a month. It helps, but only if we combine it with a good diet, exercise and sleep. 

How does drinking water affect different body shapes?

Depending of your gender, age and amount of body fat water can affect you different.


How much water should you drink to lose weight?

]There is not a consensus about how much water you should drink to be fitter. The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that we should drink, at least, 2 liters of water per day. But this is not entirely true because the amount of proper water intake can change from one person to another. Besides, it doesn’t mention variants like temperature, gender, weight or activity. In addition water can come as well from food, fruit and vegetables and also from other drinks such tea, coffee, juices.. That is why, at REBO, we have developed an app that tells you exactly how much water you should drink. You just have to configure your age, gender, weight and activity, and it will create a personalised plan made just for you. Plus, if you synchronize the app with your Apple Health and Apple Watch, it will track your activity and tell you if you need to drink a little more. In this way you can benefit from the steel smart water bottle and take control of this important aspect of your health.Drinking water when thirsty and sufficient to satisfy the need is a simple rule any person might bear in mind just to create a consistent habit of drinking enough water a day, and more if a person is trying to lose weigh

Can I drink juices or some other substances instead of water to lose weight?

Some people find drinking water difficult. They may think it's too boring because it doesn’t have a taste. Given that situation, they may prefer drinking juices, non-caloric drinks or some other substance instead of water. But the reality is that water is the best liquid you can put in your body to stay healthy, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Some studies that have been already cited in this article have shown that drinking other substances, such as juices, increases insulin's levels and makes fat oxidation more difficult. Even when beverages are non-caloric, the edulcorants on the drinks boost caloric intake while eating. Sure, if your drink has zero calories, you wont get fatter, but it is not as healthy as a good glass of water. However, if you find drinking water too tedious, you could incorporate some solutions. For example, some find that drinking water with ice makes it funnier to drink. Or you could add some drops of lemon, cucumber, ginger… so it will have a taste. Lemon is a low-calorie fruit, and lemon water a low calorie beverage, often consumed in diets and as a part of a healthy routine on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.But ¿does drinking water with lemon help you lose weight? The acid of the lemon aids in digestion of food, protects and strengthens the health of the human body and acts like a powerful antioxidant which prevents cells from oxidation and can add vitamin C to the diet.Lemon water is an excellent beverage to drink if anyone finds it boring, not only to control weight but to benefit from the advantages of drinking water. Having more energy, being capable of concentrating and having more focus on things to accomplish or feeling revitalized are spontaneous effects that drinking water brings into your life


Drinking water can help you lose weight when combined with some other good habits. It is not a magic pill, but it is a very powerful maintenance tool. It can help your fat oxidation, boost your metabolism and decrease your appetite. Plus, drinking has lots of benefits for your whole body. Why don't you give it a try?

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