5 women who are leading the fight against plastic waste

Inspiring stories of women who decided to take action

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Imagine that your favourite song lasts 2:44 minutes; it doesn't seem excessively long, right? However, from the moment you play it to the very last note you hear, 32,800 kilograms of plastic are thrown into the oceans and seas. From which 70% descends to the seabed, and 15% remains floating. This means that the same ecosystem that generously enables us to breathe is struggling second by second by the human creation that's constantly threatening the world marine environment.

Luckily for us, the powerful collective participation of women in defending the natural resources and Mother Earth's rights are challenging different industries and leading them to rethink their environmental pledge. Among the thousands of brave women taking action against plastic-waste, today we want to celebrate those who inspired us the most.

Sea F. Briganti

Advancing the planet towards a plastic-free, decarbonized future, it's her mission and co-funding LOLIWARE, the seaweed-based and climate tech leading company, is the vehicle towards it. As the CEO of an interdisciplinary team of expert scientists, food technologists, seaweed biologists, and co-founder of LOLIWARE, Hawaiian-born Sea F. Briganti is combating the massive plastic waste problem with a natural and carbon-negative alternative: seaweed. Through their Double Carbon Delete Initiative™, they are addressing the adverse effects of climate change by capturing carbon through their responsible seaweed supply chain and replacing plastic products on a large scale to avoid emissions. Her passion for Ocean Health is so palpable that she's revolutionizing the plastic industry and inspiring hundreds of humans following her journey. The Sea is always with her, and we want to thank her for defending it by taking decisive actions.

Sonia Maria Dias

A sociologist by training and self-declared "garbologist" by her specialization in solid waste management, Sonia Maria Dias has been active in the field since 1985, promoting social inclusion, gender equity and occupational health among waste forums worldwide. Besides her activism for the Waste and Citizenship Forum and the Observatory for Inclusive Recycling, Sonia is currently the Global Waste Specialist at Women in Informal Employment Globalizing and Organizing. Her work promotes the capacitation for women waste pickers leaders as frontline workers against plastic pollution and key contributors to future inclusive and sustainable waste management systems.

Bharati Chaturvedi

Inspired by the love she developed for the wilderness during the nature walks she did with her father in her early childhood, Bharati Chaturvedi decided to act on the newer environmental challenges India faced by creating Chintan. An environmental research and action group that strives to reduce waste and unsustainable consumption. The conviction of Chaturvedi to fight environmental issues had led her to share her beliefs among different worldwide publications such as Greenpiece, Hindustan Time and India Today, in where she gets to write about what's she's more passionate about and gets to nurture all her readers. And just like that, one action - and column- at a time, Bharati is plating revolutionizing ideas that thankfully are spreading all over the world.

Lynn Worsley

When we speak about positive environmental impact, we may think that the people making big-global impacts are only worth to be congratulated. However, local changes must be highly-recognized and replicated as well. For example, meet Lynn Worsley, a woman that decided that she could "not only" recycle but could also empower women locally through it. By creating All Women Recycling, she strived to eliminate poverty, balance gender inequalities and stop plastic bottles from going to landfills and ending up in our oceans. That's why they're turning plastic bottles into marketable products that are sold by the 13 women working there full-time. Worsley's creative project had led her to obtain the 2019 Global Business Insight Awards for the Most Innovaaztive Gift Box Manufacturer in South Africa.

Miro Korenha

And if we've learned something about our contemporary society, it is the importance and power behind words, ideas and the freedom to share them. That's why last, but definitely not least, we want to honour Miro Korenha, the co-founder and publisher of "Our Daily Planet", the leading independent environmental news platform covering the climate crisis and conservation. Which was created by the need to break down complicated topics, give context, and explain to its readers how climate change is connected to social justice, national security, public health, and the global economy. Our Daily Planet is an only-women integrated team fighting environmental disinformation one click at a time, and that are opening that are starting conversations that connect us globally and inspire us to take action.


The journey to achieve a plastic-free world continues. At the same time, the urgency grows with every minute that goes on, as it has been said our Earth is suffering the damage we've created in the last thousand years. It's on our hands the opportunity to go forward into a more sustainable society by decreasing our plastic consumption, developing strategies to change the waste disposal industry and spreading the word in order to push our global leaders to create environmental-friendly policies.

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Take action against plastic waste supporting projects as the ones mentioned in this article.  

Disclaimer: All the people previously mentioned don't have any commercial partnership with REBO; their appearance is a true reflection of the brand's admiration for their actions.