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Is Mineral Water Good for You?

Did you know your basics when it comes to water and hydration, we answer some FAQs on mineral water. If you frequently drink water or want to know more this is your blog!

Published on
January 3, 2023
Is Mineral Water Good for You?
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We help you drink more water and make a positive impact in the planet thanks to our smart bottles and the companion REBO app.

REBO drunk = 1 plastic bottle collected from oceans.

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Why is mineral water good for you?

Mineral water contains essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and sodium that our bodies need to function properly; So is mineral water good for you? In general, yes.
And how is mineral water good for you? It can be made artificially, but in most cases, it is bottled directly from the natural source, a natural spring or underground reservoir, unlike tap water, which goes through treatment plants and chemical processing.


Is it good to drink mineral water every day?

Mineral water is in general a safe source of drinking water; however, there are some risks associated with drinking mineral water too often; These risks are associated mostly with plastic toxicity and its environmental effects. Most mineral water is sold in plastic bottles which contain BPA; this compound may leak into the bottle and interfere with normal hormonal function. Once discarded, the plastic bottle usually ends up piled up in landfill or in our oceans producing harmful effects on marine life and our environment.

At REBO, we seek to promote sustainable practices; so whenever possible, avoid plastic containers for mineral water and choose a glass container instead. Also, the REBO app simplifies the task of finding a reliable water source by including a map that indicates water sources nearby; fill up your REBO with these reliable sources and avoid bottled water.


Is drinking mineral water as good as drinking regular water?

This depends on the quality of the tap water sent to our homes; In general, tap water is being constantly monitored and tested, so in general, it is safe to drink. If you are unsure of your tap water’s quality, it is recommended to get a filtration or purifying system before drinking it. The main issue with mineral water is the plastic packaging, but nutritionally speaking both types of water can be very similar.


What are the advantages of drinking mineral water?

If we overlook plastic bottling for a moment, which contains BPA and is detrimental to the environment, drinking mineral water has the following specific advantages:

  1. Works great to replenish fluids and electrolytes during workouts.
  2. Contributes to the regulation of high blood pressure due to its magnesium content.
  3. Helps preserve skin health by keeping it moisturized. It also helps in delaying wrinkles.
  4. Promote bone strength due to its calcium content.
  5. According to research, it reduces the chances of kidney stones and inflammatory diseases related to rheumatism and arthritis.

How much mineral water should I drink a day?

We answer the question why mineral water is good for you, but for the question how much mineral water we should drink a day, there are no specific recommendations on how much water you can drink per day; this is due to the many existing variations of mineral water. Drinking too much may cause you to overcompensate for minerals in your body. If possible either alternate between tap and running water or choose weak mineralization water, you can also use our steel smart water bottle which reminds you to drink the perfect amount of water per day, non mineral water.

Also our brand Rebo water bottle is a distinguished stainless steel reusable bottle which helps divert plastic from landfills and oceans helping preserve our environment and making our oceans cleaner.

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