Free Shipping +99€
You drink up, we pick up
Climate Neutral
Achieve your hydration goal
Good for you and the planet
Free Shipping +99€
You drink up, we pick up
Climate Neutral
Achieve your hydration goal
Good for you and the planet

Lo Zoo di 105 x REBO


Our revolutionary smart bottle that tracks your water intake in real-time and collects plastic bottle in autopilot

  • Customized hydration plan based on your daily activity.
  • Keep track of your water intake in real-time.
  • Drinking reminders with in-app notification and flashing LED ring.
  • 240,000+ water fountains mapped
  • 1 REBO drunk = 1 Plastic bottle collected. Forever.

Free shipping

Delivery without cost, duty and plastic

Shipping time: 4-5 days

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Exclusive for EU zone

This limited edition is only available in the European Union, for more info click here

Only for true fans of Lo Zoo di 105

Lo Zoo di 105 has pulled off another one! This time, however, it has created something that is good for you and the planet.

Check out the Lo Zoo di 105 x REBO Numbered Limited Edition! A few unique and numbered pieces.

A true fan wouldn't miss them!

How it works

Sync the bottle with your smartphone through the REBO App

REBO will set your hydration based on your body and activity

The REBO App will monitor your water intake and send you reminders

For every REBO drunk, we pick up a plastic bottle from the ocean

You have reached your steps goal, but what about the water one? Meet your hydration coach.

We know that drinking enough water sounds simple, but many of us struggle to do it. REBO is your new personal coach, whose mission is to help you drink more water for a healthier you.

REBO SMART connects to the REBO App through a low-frequency Bluetooth and integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit to learn about your physical activity, estimate the water lost and adapt your drinking goals accordingly so that you can feel great.

The more you drink from it, the more you help the oceans.

REBO allows you to have an impact on the planet every day, forever. It's a smart bottle but also your way to join the fight against plastic in the oceans.

For every REBO you drank, we fund the collection of 1 plastic bottle polluting our oceans through our partner Parley for the Oceans.

In the REBO App you can keep track of the plastic bottles collected on your behalf.

Swiss quality and design

REBO was developed over the last three years by our team in Geneva, Switzerland, analysing more than 14,000 customer reviews and conducting tests in 6 different countries.

Wide neck
Useful for ice cubes

Smart cap
with laser sensor

BPA free stainless steel
durable and lightweight

Anti-scratch surface
the logo will never fade

Leak-proof materials
and sweat proof

Rechargable battery
2 weeks with 1 charge

Small spout
for easy drinking

Easy-carry lace
recycled and recyclable

LED ring
for drinking reminders

One-hand push cap
‍with safety lock system

24h cold
double vacuum insulation

Dishwasher safe
bottle body

All CO2 emissions connected to product manufacturing and company's operations are offset

Happy REBOlutioners


If I'm at work I mostly forget to drink, only when I get thirsty, but then it is already too late. Now I drink the amount I need and feel great. Also in combination with my Apple Watch the amount of water to drink increases during the day when I'm more active! This is so great!


As a young mom (also working) I am very busy and I often forget to drink as much as I should. REBO has been useful since it sends me reminders. It helped me drink more. Also, if I can do something positive for the planet in such an easy way, then why not?


I love the idea that for fighting plastic waste, I just have to drink water. It is the perfect product for everyone who wants to stay healthy and, at the same time, take action against plastic waste.

Technical specifications


600 ml


25.5 cm

Battery life

2 weeks


Double-walled stainless steel


350 gr


7.2 cm

Charging time

3 hours

Opening system

One-hand push cap


What is included in the package?

  • Stainless steel bottle
  • Patented smart cap
  • USB to USB-C cable
  • App available on iOS and Android
  • Insatiable passion to help save the planet

How long will it take to receive my order?

  • Standard deliveries: 4-5 working days
  • Express deliveries: 1-2 working days

Do I have to pay taxes or duties for shipping?

  • We guarantee a Taxes, Duties and Plastic Free delivery
  • Orders in EU, US and Switzerland are guaranteed to be free from import taxes or duties
    • All EU orders are shipped from within the European Union
    • All Switzerland orders are shipped from Switzerland
    • All USA orders are shipped from the USA
    • Other countries may require the payment of duties/taxes according to local laws
  • Our packaging is made of recyclable and recycled cardboard, does not use any plastic, and is ship-ready to avoid unnecessary extra packaging

How does the water tracking technology work?

We use time-of-flight technology. An infrared laser, harmless to the human eye, sends a light signal that hits the liquid and then returns to the sensor. The time it takes to bounce back is measured, recording changes in water levels.

We do this over 10 seconds in order to get multiple measurements, make an average, and send them to the app. This is why it is important to leave your REBO vertically on a flat surface for 10 seconds, this enables REBO to get an accurate reading.

How much plastic collection can I fund with REBO?

In the app, you can track the bottles you are saving and the ones you will fund the collection for. For example, if you drink 3 REBO per day, you save 90 bottles a month and fund the collection of 90 additional plastic bottles, and this is more than 1000 when you look at it on a yearly basis!

Imagine if your colleagues and friends started to use REBO, we could really help to change things!

Can I clean the bottle in the dishwasher?

Yes, the stainless steel bottle is dishwasher safe, but only the bottle!