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Smart Cap: REBO’s innovative blend of technology will delight you

The REBO smart cap took over 2 years, 100 prototypes and inputs from THOUSANDS of customers before we got it right!

And we believe we got it right! But if not, we’re counting on you to tell us, and we promise to keep working on it until we do!

With our unique blend of innovative technologies, we bring you a product that can transform your hydration-health while offering a sustainable solution to the global ocean plastic crisis.

Hydration tracker measures intake with time-of-flight laser technology

We found the most accurate to measure your water intake to be a time-of-flight sensor. High-end cameras use this technology to know the distance between the camera and each subject point for a photo.

An infrared laser-- invisible to the human eye-- send a light signal that hits the water and then returns to the sensor. The time it takes to bounce back is measured, recording changes in water levels

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) optimizes battery life

Unlike classic Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) lives in sleep-mode until a connection is initiated. This reduces energy consumption and saves battery life. Similar to classic Bluetooth technology, BLE operates on the same 2.4GHz frequency and easily connects to your smartphone and other devices.

BLE is used in fitness apps and medical devices and is perfectly safe. Transmission of BLE does not in any way affect the liquid you consume through the tracker.

Long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery with convenient USB charging port

REBO’s smart caps use a rechargeable lithium battery and have an integrated USB C port to make charging easy. We chose REACH and RoHS certified lithium batteries because they are the longest-lasting battery option we could find.

The battery will hold its charge for up to 2-months or 500 uses-- long enough for you to forget that it’s a battery! And it will not-- and can not-- be replaced. This is intentional to reduce waste and defeat obsolescence.

Charging your REBO Bottle with a USB connection is easy and compatible with the most common charging stations already in your home, car and office.

Energy-efficient LED light ring serves as a reminder to stay hydrated and gives battery charging status

LED technology uses 75% less energy, lasts 25 times longer and emits 80-90% less energy in the form of heat than traditional lighting.

REBO Bottle Led light ring meaning chart:


The battery is fully charged and the charger is attached to the device. The LED ring stays lit until the user disconnects the charger.


The battery is charging.


The battery is low and the bottle needs to be charged. The LED ring flashes three times every 60 minutes (only if the bottle is standing up).


The battery is very low and needs to be charged immediately. The LED ring flashes three times every 60 minutes (only if the bottle is standing up).


The communication link with the phone was successful, and data flow between the phone and the bottle is now enabled.


The bottle has been disconnected from the phone.


The bottle is reminding the user to drink water. The LED ring will flash white when your water consumption falls behind the hydration plan you set on the REBO app. In order to avoid this setting disturbing you during the night, it is possible to set the hours within which you are willing to receive notifications in the app.

PCB stores intake information for 3-days when not connected

Do you ever just want to escape? Unplug? Go off the grid for a while? Some of our favorite places to hike, trail run, or just escape are far away from cell towers. That means no data.

Maybe you’re on that long overseas flight that doesn’t have wifi? Traveling to a remote corner of the world, or maybe you just don’t want to be connected for whatever reason!

We decided that not being digitally connected was no excuse for REBO’s hydration tracker not to continue working.

That’s why we added a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to our smart cap. This technology allows you to drink from your REBO Bottle and smart cap hydration tracker anytime, anywhere. Connected or not!

REBO’s PCB has the capacity to store 3 days of usage and intake data while you’re disconnected. All you have to do is sync your device and your usage information will appear.

REBO leverages technology to make a positive impact

Like it or not, technology has totally transformed just about every aspect of our lives. Digital tech is now the palm of our hands- or in the bud of ears, around our wrists, in our appliances…

Because of it, we are more connected than ever. To each other and to ourselves! Apps let us immediately ping an old high school classmate across the globe. They give us insights into our health that we didn’t have before like,

how many steps we’ve taken, calories burned, and minutes slept… how much water we drink… at any given second.

At REBO, see technology as an enabler to positive impact.

We use blockchain technology to verify the accuracy of our hydration tracker. Specifically when we convert your water intake into green credits that fund ocean clean-up.

Rejecting the status quo of ‘Planned Obsolescence’ led us to a REBO bottle designed to last forever

Have you ever wondered why your smartphone - computer, tablet, e-reader, toaster oven- seem to stop working every few years? Like clockwork, we gradually phase out one device and shell out the cost to replace it with a new model.

Manufacturers can, and often do, designs products to have a limited life. To last say, 2-3 years and then stop working. All too common is that devices are designed to live for the life of the battery. Sure, batteries can be replaced… sometimes. But what's the point when the rest of the components are near expired too?

This is called planned obsolescence. And it’s one of the biggest challenges REBO faced in our quest to RE-design, RE-invent and RE-do things better. Going up against the status-quo to deliver a long-lasting product wasn’t easy. It cost us time and money, but we believe it was worth it to deliver on the commitment of our brand.

While we officially offer a 1-year guarantee on the REBO smart water bottle with smart cap hydration tracker, it is designed to last and work forever. And, when you’re done with it, we’ve put measures in place to keep REBO out of the landfill.

Learn more about our End Of Life Options